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Migraine and Medication Free After Years of Pain

Thank you Dr. Debby,

I had suffered from migraines for years, Dr. Debby helped me not only get off all medication but also not have migraines. My farsightedness was so bad, and my lenses were so thick that, I had trouble getting fitted for the right glasses.

It took several years, to find a company that made contacts in the shape I needed for my eyes and also with the prescription I needed. Dr. Debby found I was able to be migraine free with the use of contacts and prism, unfortunately we also found out I was unable to wear contacts. I had a reaction to them. She did not stop there,

Dr. Debby worked with me and was in contact with my neurologist, she sent me to Dr. Grosinger to see about a procedure called clear lens extraction. Dr. Debby sent letters not only from her, and my neurologist but from Dr. Grosinger also, to my insurance company. My insurance company deemed the surgery necessary and I had the first clear lens extraction performed for medical purposes, covered by a health insurance, as far as Dr. Grosinger knew.

I then went back to Dr. Debby who prescribed, my glasses with prism in them, along with extra tinting to deal with the sensitivity to light that I have.

That was a year and a half ago, I have been migraine and medication free. When I do start to get migraines I know it is time to go see Dr. Debby to have my eyes rechecked.

-SLD, 45 y/o female