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Cured in a day, Sooo much better now!

My eyes weren’t off by much, but the right eye is just a little higher if you look close. I am a good reader and type about 100 wpm, and I never got double vision. I was able to deal with it okay until I graduated and began working full time about 5 years ago. Then it became debilitating.

I sit at a computer all day (Excel spreadsheets are BAD), but driving and shopping are also extremely bothersome. Flying or driving through mountains were at the top of the list of painful things to do. After MRI’s, eye therapy, lots of anti-depressants and other things that didn’t help at all, I finally found Dr. Debbie and I’m sure glad I did!

Some symptoms were extreme eye pain, pressure in head, lack of energy so that smiling or making an expression seemed like a lot of work. By the end of the day my body would be numb. The dizziness I wouldn’t really express as “dizzy”, but out-of-sorts. Mind fog, forgetting things and not being able to think clearly were common. I would get puffy and white in the face. My eyes would roll back in my head when I closed them and tried to relax them. I would watch a sport on TV and wonder how anyone moves like that because when I move fast at all it felt like my head was slushy or jello-like. Physical fitness is impossible because you never find the energy. I couldn’t look people in the eyes when talking to them. I would wake up as soon as any light at all comes into a room even though I hadn’t slept nearly enough, but sleep is the only thing that really helps. When you close your eyes it feels like you’re “floating”, for lack of a better word.

Once I saw this website I knew this had to be what it was, and I flew in. You can tell the difference immediately with the glasses, and once you get a full nights sleep so your eye muscles can recover you’ll be feeling like new in no-time. I don’t know what I would have done without these glasses and Dr. Debbie. I do know I wasn’t going to make it much longer the way I was going and she saved my life. Thank you!

– WAC, 29y/o