Vision Specialists of Michigan, Patient Stories

My migraines were vision related!

I have been a migraine sufferer since I was 17 years old. They have always included a visual aura with light sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, intense pain, and diarrhea. Between the ages of 20-23, 30-32, and 36-38, they were occurring on a weekly basis and were lasting anywhere from 4 hours – 2 days.

I am nearsighted with astigmatism, had surgery to strengthen my eye muscles at age 4, and LASIK surgery at age 31. The LASIK wasn’t quite so effective for me, because of the astigmatism, as I later found out.

Thanks to the help of Dr. Debby, these glasses are vastly improved over my last few pair. They fit better, look better, and best of all, I see better. The level of service I received was beyond impeccable! Everyone was genuinely involved in the process and concerned about my well-being and satisfaction.

While all of the items I mentioned above would make me recommend the Vision Specialists of Birmingham, what will keep me coming back and makes me believe that Dr. Debby and her staff are God-sent, is the fact that I haven’t had one migraine since I got my new glasses! This has truly been a blessing. I didn’t even know that my migraines could have been vision-related until I happened into her office.

My going to Dr. Debby’s office was not luck, but God’s direction, and I am truly grateful and thank God every day for the freedom that comes with being migraine-free! Thank you so much!

* I no longer carry my migraine medicine with me everywhere I go!

– L. D., 36 year old female