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Dyslexia, Anxiety Treated with Aligning Glasses: Through Elli’s Eyes

Elli Altman, Community Outreach Manager at Vision Specialists of Michigan, shares her experiences of patient’s treatments. One little girl was diagnosed with dyslexia and anxiety. She struggled in school, understandably, until a psychologist recognized her symptoms as a subtle vision misalignment. A precious seven-year-old girl came in for an evaluation.  With the sweetest disposition, she […]

Why Your Dizziness and Vertigo Won’t Leave You Alone

Why Your Dizziness and Vertigo Won’t Leave You Alone Dizzy spells. For some of us, it may happen after a trip on a whirling carnival ride. A sense of unbalance coupled with nausea. We promise ourselves not to try any more carnival rides (at least for the rest of the year). In an hour or […]

Vision Specialists of Michigan, Patient Stories

Dr. Debby Gave Me My Life Back !!!!

My story will seem too good to be true but it is! Please read on as you may relate to something I have shared. I have had a “lifetime” of dizziness and headaches that seemed to be in my forehead, around my eyes and at the back of my neck. I have been an avid […]

Vision Specialists of Michigan, Patient Stories

Thanks for your patience and dedication to my problem

My eyes didn’t work well together and my vision was blurry even with glasses. I couldn’t see very well at night. Being in wide-open spaces like a big store made me dizzy and anxious. I had headaches all the time. After I received my new glasses my eyes are working better together. I am not […]