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Dr. Debby Gave Me My Life Back !!!!

My story will seem too good to be true but it is! Please read on as you may relate to something I have shared.

I have had a “lifetime” of dizziness and headaches that seemed to be in my forehead, around my eyes and at the back of my neck. I have been an avid reader but would not be able to read much in a sitting. I was convinced I just had monthly sinus infections and was always taking antibiotics and at times was bed-ridden. I have also been diagnosed with anxiety. I have been to Ear, Nose and Throat Physicians, Neurologists, had brain MRIs, CAT scans, physical therapy and even had sinus surgery to no avail. In the last few years, I noticed that I was uncomfortable driving and leaving my home. Boating has always been uncomfortable due to the dizziness.

In the summer of 2004, I thought I would try another ENT by the name of Dr. Arthur Rosner located in Sterling Heights, MI.

After my exam, he said that I did not have a “sinus” problem and asked me to review a list of questions which I did. Based on my responses, he suggested that I had a vision problem and referred me to Dr. Debby.

I must tell the truth. I was very apprehensive. Oh no, not another doctor. I did need an updated pair of glasses so I went to see her. That is when I learned that some people need prism added to their glasses due to a condition called Vertical Heterophoria.

Unlike most patients who need time to adjust to the added prism, once she fitted me with a trial pair of glasses, the dizziness and headache immediately stopped. Soon thereafter, all of the other symptoms I had been experiencing just fell away. The anxiety was caused by my eyes not working together which was corrected with the prism.

In summary – I no longer have headaches – I am no longer dizzy – I no longer take sinus medication – I no longer live on Ibuprophen, etc. I say a prayer of thanks everyday. Dr. Debby gave me my life back !!!!

– L. R., female