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Can see a remarkable difference in my vision – I am most grateful to Dr. Debby

I was beginning to think I had MS because my vision was deteriorating. Previously I had been wearing contacts with mono-vision. However, I was having so much trouble getting good correction with the contacts, I decided to go back to wearing glasses.

Once I got the new glasses, my vision was OK early in the day, but as the day progressed, I was seeing double and finding it difficult to read because my eyes would not follow down to the next line. It felt as if my eyes were crossing and I could not control them. As time progressed I was having trouble seeing road signs because everything seemed wavy. My vision was becoming worse all the time. I had to cover one eye to read and could not work on the computer at night.

I attended a conference where Dr. Debby was speaking and the more she discussed the symptoms, the more I recognized them as what I was experiencing. I took the Quality of Vision Questionnaire and scored myself at 21. I have always had motion sickness and dizziness. When I saw Dr. Debby she said I was compensating and my score was really 50!

Now that I have my new glasses from Dr. Debby, I cannot believe the difference! It is remarkable! I can see road signs. I can read small print. I can work on the computer, as late as I want and still see the print. I recently flew to Disney World and did not experience any motion sickness on the flight. I rode on the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster that does 360 degree loops and I felt a bit disoriented, but felt so proud of myself because I did not get sick! I am so grateful to Dr. Debby for diagnosing and treating me!

– W.B., 57 y/o