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Stopped Driving Over 10 Years Ago Because Of Dizziness

I had nausea and dizziness that was helped part of the time with Antivert. My neck and shoulders were constantly tense, and I always had a headache. It was so stressful to go anywhere. I hated going out. Christmas shopping in particular was a nightmare, with all the crowds and long lines. I dreaded it every year. I stopped driving over 10 years ago because of the dizziness. I’ve hated being dependent on others for rides for doctors’ appointments and other things, but my husband and children have been so understanding all this time.

Since I got my new glasses, I have been like a different person. I feel so good all the time. My neck and shoulders feel great and the headaches are gone. So is the nausea and dizziness. I never really noticed that I had a knot in my stomach all the time. That tense feeling in my stomach has disappeared. I love shopping now. I can go all day, and not feel sick! It has been amazing! I’ve even been driving, just small trips at first, with my husband, but I’m so excited. I’m looking forward to having my independence once again. Thank you so much, Dr. Debby!

– C.G. 43y/o female