Vision Specialists of Michigan, Patient Stories

Dr Debby saved my life

I started to notice around the age of 14 that something just wasn’t right. I felt dizzy and anxious all the time. I was off balance when I walked. These symptoms seem to worsen with age. I felt like an elephant was sitting on the crown of my head. I would not go into a store by myself for fear of passing out due to dizziness and panic. I never went into a mall by myself. I couldn’t drive on the freeway either. I had seen several doctors over the years and they couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

2 years ago I was sent to Dr. Rosner, ENT for some sinus problems. As soon as he walked into the room the first thing he said to me was “you have Vertical Heterophoria”. I said “DO WHAT?” He explained to me that my left eye is significantly lower than my right. He asked me to fill out this paper that asked me all kinds of questions about how I was feeling. He then referred me to Dr. Debby. As it turns out I do have Vertical Heterophoria and I am one of Dr. Debby’s most drastic cases. We started with some prism, and then we had to add more, and more, and more. I am now where I need to be with a 2.50 prism.

Guess what? I go shopping all by myself now, and I have no fears, or anxiety, or dizziness. I can go to concerts and sit high up. I could never go to a concert before, or sit or stand in high places.

My entire life has changed and I feel great!! Dr. Debby is the most caring doctor that I have ever known. She has even called me to ask me how I am feeling. Her entire staff have been there for me too. Lisa, the Office Manager and I are tight!! 🙂 I love everyone at Vision Specialists. You really come out of there saying to yourself “they really care about me”.

Thank you Dr. Debby, and Lisa, and the rest of the staff for caring about me. I care about all of you as well.

– P.W. 48 y/o female