Vision Specialists of Michigan, Patient Stories

Reading Was Horrible and Now Incredible!

It was horrible because I wanted to read but I couldn’t. I read the same line and or word twice. I couldn’t do homework without getting up about every 5 minutes because I couldn’t focus, my eyes would hurt and it took me 2 or more hours to do a page of my homework that my teacher gave me. I was also put into 2 reading classes one in 3rd grade and one in 6th grade because my teachers thought I couldn’t comprehend.

Now that I have my new glasses it is so incredible because I can pick up a book, sit down and read it and understand what I just read. I read more than I ever used to. It is a breeze to do my homework and I can do it in 45 minutes or less and it is easier to focus. Thank you so much, Dr. Debby, for making school seem easier.

– M. P., 11 year old male