Vision Specialists of Michigan, Patient Stories

It’s a new world, after I got my glasses

Before I got my glasses, I didn’t realize I had any “problems”. I thought I just wasn’t athletic, because I couldn’t play sports as well as everyone else. I felt like I was slow because it would take me forever to get my homework done. I felt like I couldn’t read. I was always losing my spot and couldn’t concentrate. I couldn’t walk straight. My mom was always yelling at me to stop shoving her aside.

After I got my glasses, I feel like I’ve entered a new world. I’m now able to see where the ball is when I play tennis, so I can get to the ball and hit it correctly. I am able to get my homework done in a reasonable amount of time. I can now get homework done in class, because I can concentrate. Now I can read without using my finger to keep my place. I can walk straight without pushing people to the side.

– C. D., 13 year old