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Maybe the Most Important Way to Get Ready for School: Through Elli’s Eyes

Through Elli’s Eyes

Elli Altman is our Community Outreach Manager. She teaches others how to identify a vision misalignment and how it can be treated to relieve or eliminate symptoms.


New shoes.  New backpack.  School supplies.  Clothes in the next size because they grew so much during the summer.

But, stop and think about it.  What does your child REALLY NEED to be ready for school? Excellent vision!  Yes, 80% or more of learning is done with the eyes.

It is commonly believed that the vision screening provided through the schools is sufficient. STOP!  This vision screening is NOT a vision exam.  The American Optometric Association estimates that these vision screenings detect only 10% of vision problems.

Can you determine if your child has good vision?  NO, YOU CANNOT.

Will your child let you know if his/her vision is not good?  NO, THEY WON’T.  Their vision is all they know.  They do not know that vision can be any other way.

Your child needs an excellent vision evaluation. Be certain to not only have your child checked for seeing crisply at near and far distances, but to also be checked to see how well the eyes are working together as a team. Lack of eye teamork is a significant hidden cause of reading and learning difficulties.

Vision Specialists leads the field in treating eye teamwork difficulties, using aligning lenses in their glasses.

To find out if your child’s (or your) eyes work as a team (are coordinated), go to and complete the questionnaire.