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Instant Turn Around After New Lenses – It’s A Miracle

For some time I had been experiencing double vision. Two priests on the altar at mass.

2 cars coming toward me when driving – night driving was just out of the question – the lights were multiplied many times.

I was unable to read billboards and street signs.

The pictures of my great grandchildren on top of my TV added to 12 – really, I only have 6!

I had trouble going down steps – didn’t know which step to put my foot on.

I was very insecure in a large store like Wal-mart or Meijers. I felt lost. I was unsteady on my feet. I just thought it was being older.

My eye doctor did put prisms in my lenses. It did help for awhile, but continued to get worse.

My husband for 66 1/2 years had recently died. I was in a mild depression. I had been a reader all of my life, but reading was a chore. I read the article in the Detroit Free Press, Sunday Parade section about Dr. Debby Feinberg and sent her an email.

The doctor, herself, called me. I told her how old I was and she said age was no factor. We made an appointment and that changed my life.

After a very thorough examination by Dr. Debby, I was fitted with new lenses. It was almost an instant turn around. Almost like a miracle.

On the way home after getting my new lenses, I could already read signs that were just impossible to read before I was fitted with my new lenses. I am steady on my feet, my great grandchildren number is only 6, driving is now a pleasure, and there is only one priest on the altar at mass. My insecurity is no longer with me. I can read street signs and billboards. Once again I am a reader.

It has been almost a year and I still think of it as a miracle. I wish more people with this problem would avail themselves to Dr. Debby’s fine tuning of prisms in lenses.

– M. M., Age 90