Vision Specialists of Michigan, Patient Stories

Double Vision Corrected

Patient was a WWII bomber pilot with 20/20 vision into his 50’s. He started to wear glasses at 50, and is currently in his 80’s. Glaucoma has been in the family (mother’s side) and was first observed when patient was in his early to mid 60’s. Eye drop control has been used under constant M.D. observation and control since that time.

Following five previous glaucoma procedures (i.e. four LASER on both eyes, plus one left eye Trabeculectomy) an Aqueous Tubular Shunt (Baervelot type with scleral patch) procedure was prescribed. A second opinion on the need before the procedure was obtained. The procedure was performed mid July 2006. Severe double vision resulted following the installation of the Shunt. An approximate three month healing and strengthening period was allowed for a normal recovery. The double vision remained with little to no improvement. Prism lense correction was recommended.

An original contact with Dr. Morrie Dubin at Vision Specialists of Birmingham was made mid-November, 2006. A bifocal prism lens was fitted and used through the end of December, 2006. The double vision was corrected and resulted in remarkable clarity for medium to distant vision. Normal driving was resumed.

The close (near) vision with double vision remained as a continuing problem for reading, desk top work, and screen needs for computer use.

Following a second assessment, a reading lens with a left eye prism was recommended. The usage of these additional prescription reading glasses has resulted in a 90% plus correction of the near sightedness vision problem. As the eye strengthens it is expected that the slight deficiency will diminish to the point of allowing near normal use.

I am very pleased with the treatment, and the vision corrections.

– C.T., 82 year old