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Glasses Made Me Feel Normal Again After A Traumatic Brain Injury

In July of 2006, I was hit above my left eye with a golf ball resulting in a TBI (traumatic brain injury). During my recovery, I was constantly nauseous and had the feeling of “sea-legs”. I also had headaches everyday and fatigue was a constant battle- in the first few weeks of the injury. I slept 18-20 hours a day. When I read, which wasn’t very often because of nausea, I would lose my spot often and the words would sometimes run together. One of my favorite past times proved to be a frustrating annoyance. Even working on the computer or watching TV was a tedious task.

I feel normal again with my new glasses. It took three prescriptions before getting the correct prescription, so be patient. With the third prescription, I don’t even feel like I have glasses on. My fatigue went away and my concentration came back. My headaches went away, and I am almost never dizzy. It’s been 10 months since my injury, and my glasses have helped in ways I never thought would help.

– A.P., female, age 28