Vision Specialists of Michigan, Patient Stories

Finally! A Diagnosis After 18 Months

Numerous doctors, numerous tests, beginning in March 2003. Not one single doctor could give me the correct diagnosis. I was told I had Migraine Headaches, Meniere’s Disease, possibly MS or ALS. Doctors said “It is all in your head (my favorite), it is your medications, you have to decide if you want to live with headaches or dizziness, all your problems are from your weight.”

Finally, in November 2004, I went to see Dr. Debby. I have Vertical Heterophoria!!!
How often do you hear of a person who is happy to have something?

I am now wearing my 3rd pair of lenses with prisms and am on the road to recovery. I am so happy! Soon I will be reading, driving and working again instead of spending my days just trying to get out of bed and get around the house.

Thank you so much Dr. Debby, without you I would still be searching for a diagnosis. You are a very dedicated, special Doctor!

– E. H., female