Vision Specialists of Michigan in "Women in Optometry"

Women in Optometry, November 2015

The editorial page of Women in Optometry, November 2015 by Marjolijn Bijlefeld, Director of Custom Publications, Practice Advancement Associates

Vision Specialists of Michigan in "Women in Optometry"

In the past month, here at WO, we’ve had several such boosts. These have been wonderful moments because they have allowed us to see the creation of a network within the community of women ODs. The first came when we were talking to Dr. Kathryn Collins, who told us that she was inspired to learn more about neurovisual optometry because of a story that associate editor Maggie Biunno wrote about Dr. Debby Feinberg in June 2013. Dr. Collins read that story and saw that patients in her Pennsylvania area were traveling all the way to Michigan to receive care. Dr. Collins told us that she called Dr. Feinberg, who said she was working on a way to share her training, and Dr. Collins could be in her first group of trainees.

She’s not the only one who was affected deeply by that story. Dr. Cheryl Berger Israeloff told us that she was on an airplane in the summer of 2013, looking through the publications she saves for flight-time reading, when the story with Dr. Feinberg caught her eye. She contacted Dr. Feinberg, too, went through the training and now has opened the Neuro Visual Center of New York. All three doctors are featured in our cover story this issue.

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