Vision Specialists of Michigan Goes to South Korea

Vision Specialists of Michigan’s own Dr. Debby Feinberg and Dr. Mark Rosner traveled to South Korea this past fall, attending the Barany’s Society 29th Meeting. This international society’s focus is to better understand the causes of dizziness

Dr. Mark Rosner

Dr. Mark Rosner in South Korea

and to improve the treatment of dizziness. Over 700 people from all over the world were present, representing 46 countries, and multiple medical specialties and allied health care fields.  “It was fascinating,” said Dr. Debby, “to know so many specialists are working toward the same goal.”

At the Visually Induced Dizziness lecture our doctors shared evidence and stories of patients whose dizziness was relieved through glasses with aligning lenses specially fit to the individual’s vision misalignments. No other clinician or specialist had a treatment approach that was as effective in reducing dizziness as the aligning lenses. Dr. Debby and Dr Mark were able to hand out over 100 screening questionnaires until none were left.

Of the 700+ people attending the conference, only Vision Specialists had experience treating dizziness by detecting and correcting subtle vision misalignments. “We have so much more work to do,” Dr. Debby said, “to get the word out that we can help so many patients with dizziness.”

“South Korea is just the start,” Dr. Mark chimed in. “We’re on a mission to spread knowledge and to save lives.”