Vision misalignment affects children

Vision Misalignment: Through Elli’s Eyes

Vision Misalignment: Through Elli’s Eyes

Sometimes you have to tell your own story–lay yourself bare–in order to help others.  I am still trying to make sense of my story, yet do not want to delay in telling it, with the hope that you, the reader, will take action.

Vision misalignment affects children

A vision misalignment affected Elli, pictured here with son David, from a young age

I was born with a lazy eye.  At four years old, I had surgery to realign the lazy eye.  It was not successful. The following year, I started working with a vision therapist and began doing eye exercises.  I worked at this, along with wearing a patch over my strong eye, for the next twenty years.  And still, I had double vision.  As a result, I never became a proficient reader.  As much as I wanted to be an athlete, I could not hit or catch a ball.

Fast forward about 25 years and now I have two sons.  Knowing that my vision issues are hereditary, I took my sons to many vision professionals.  I would start each appointment with the story of my own eyes and a plea to make sure that my boys did not have the same.  And always–a clean bill of vision wellness.

And then came the school years.  My younger son, David, never liked to read.  So, I took him to psychologists and reading specialists to have further testing.  This included many tests by many professionals over many years.  Again, all clear.

I knew that David struggled, but he never said anything to me about his vision except that reading was difficult.

Fast forward again.  Now David is 30 years old, living in Los Angeles.  Almost one year ago, he called me and said, “Mom, there isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t have a bout of vertigo.”

The difference?  A year prior to this phone call, I had found my way to Vision Specialists of Michigan, where, for the very first time in my life, I was given normal vision with a special pair of glasses that aligned my vision.  I now knew that vertigo is a symptom of misaligned vision.

I flew David to Michigan where he had his eyes examined.  It took the doctor at Vision Specialists no more than five minutes to find David’s vision misalignment.  And, in the year that he has had his glasses, he has not had another episode of vertigo.

Children with a vision misalignment are SILENT sufferers.  They are unaware that there is another way to see the world.  Their own vision is all that they know.

And, so I ask you……  Is it worth 10 minutes of your time to answer 25 questions that will determine if your child has a vision misalignment?

I hope your answer is ‘yes.’

Simply go to to answer the questions.

For David–and for me–we say ‘thank you.’