TBI and PCS Blogs and Websites

We’ve put together a list of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Concussive Symptom (PCS) blogs to reassure you you’re not alone with your symptoms, treatment, and progress. If you have a blog you’d like included, please send us a message or comment below.


“While it covers topics that are painful, challenging, and frustrating, it has a bottom line and a consistent message that reflects my very firm belief that we are capable of absolutely rocking our lives after brain injury,” says Kara Swanson.


David’s writing focuses on the importance of rebuilding a meaningful life after TBI. In addition to writing a regular column published by the Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire and contributing to Brain Injury Journey magazine, David has dedicated himself to advocacy on behalf of the brain injury community. In early 2013, he founded the Facebook page, “TBI Hope & Inspiration.”


Hope Unfading, an online resource for those affected by brain trauma and neuro challenges of any kind. Hope unfading provides applied research, guidance, and inspiration to support brain warriors on their journey of healing, giving them hope for a better tomorrow.


“Since 2008, I have been sharing my experiences with recovering from multiple traumatic brain injuries to live a full and healthy life once again.”


User-friendly publications for families, educators, and clinicians.


Jeff Sebell is a published Author, Speaker and Blogger writing about Traumatic Brain Injury and the impacts of his own TBI which he suffered in 1975 while attending Bowdoin College


Dustin Fink is a certified athletic trainer (ATC) working in Central Illinois.  His experience with concussions and TBI in athletics extends 14+ years as a professional, and another eight as either a student athletic trainer or athlete himself.  Having sustained multiple concussions and beginning to feel the effects years later and seeing kids at the high school level report concussions on a more frequent rate, this has become his passion.


“My name is Michelle Munt and this is my story about surviving a brain injury and what I continue to learn about it. This is for other survivors and their loved ones, but also to raise awareness of what can happen to those in an accident. This invisible injury too often goes undiagnosed and it can be difficult to find information about it. I will talk about things that have helped me as I continue to recover and invite others to see if it works for them too.”


If your TBI or PCS symptoms continue without relief, please visit our questionnaire at IsItMyEyes.com to find out if aligning glasses can provide relief.