Vision Specialists of Michigan, Patient Stories

My life changed after reading the Detroit Free Press Article

It is difficult to find all of the right words to describe how my life changed after reading your article in the Detroit Free Press last August 2005. After reading the article I knew I had to make an appointment.

Prior to seeing Dr. Debby for my exam, I had suffered severe vertigo symptoms for well over 10 years. I received some relief from my chiropractor thru spinal chord and neck adjustments. As this was normally a temporary fix, I was visiting the chiropractor twice a month. I also spent a week at the Mayo Clinic for a complete evaluation.

The end result was that Mayo Clinic could not detect anything specific that was causing my dizziness problem. For a period of about four months I even quit driving.

My first visit to Vision Specialists was in September 2005. Since that time I have not had a need to visit my chiropractor, I have had no problems with dizziness, and no longer suffer from daily neck pain and problems with my balance. Since my last eyeglass lens adjustment on February 3, 2006, I have told many of my friends and family my success story. I now look forward to going to work every day because I feel so much better. In the past, I dreaded going to work due to all of the above mentioned problems.

Dr. Debby, thank you for helping make my daily life so much more enjoyable. Feeling better also improved my attitude and outlook on life.

– D.G., 60 year old male