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For Once in my Life, I Feel I Have Balance

I couldn’t get good balance standing. I had eye strain and neck strain everyday. Wondering why I couldn’t get balance? I also have a hearing imbalance and feet imbalance. So wow, I fought balance everyday. I would study for hours and not remember a thing. Eyes were too strained. Unsteadiness while walking and poor depth perception.

Now that I have received my new glasses, there are not enough words, gifts, money, etc. to thank Dr. Debby. Dr. Debby is a special gift from God. Doing what God has called her to do. She has a gift of healing many people. Thank you again and again. I feel I have balance for once in my life. My eyes function how they should if working properly. Wow. This is how most people see. This is awesome!

– K. T., 37 year old