Vision Specialists of Michigan, Patient Stories


I saw Dr. Debby Feinberg at 1 o’clock today and I am still absolutely amazed. I was in a car accident 2-29-08 and since have had 19 surgeries total.

I suffered from double vision and due to insurance issues; I went to the University of Michigan. They performed six surgeries on my eyes and were able to get my eyes aligned enough to not see double.

For approximately the two years since my last eye surgery, I have suffered miserably from balance issues and depth perception. I had difficulties walking down a hallway straight, had dizziness and anxiety issues, and just felt horrible. I had great difficulty with reading and comprehension. Going to a store caused severe discomfort due to my vision.

After seeing the wonderful Dr. Debby Feinberg the transformation was eye watering. I was able to see depth and was instantly at ease and relaxed as she gave me prism glasses and the problems were GONE. I now have temporary prism glasses and feel so much more comfortable. I can’t wait for my permanent glasses to come in. I highly recommend Vision Specialists of Birmingham.

I WISH I had gone there first.

– M.J.L., 45 y/o