Diagnosis & Treatment of Binocular Vision Dysfunction

Most patients experience a marked reduction in their symptoms with precise prismatic correction

The doctors at Vision Specialists of Michigan have developed a very detailed and specialized NeuroVisual Evaluation, which allows for the accurate diagnosis and treatment of Vertical Heterophoria and Superior Oblique Palsy. Using realigning prismatic spectacle lenses, the strain and fatigue within the visual system is reduced or eliminated. Patients notice significant improvement in their symptoms during their first office visit. Improvement continues over the course of several visits as the prismatic prescription is fine-tuned and customized for the individual.

How do I know if I should be evaluated for Vertical Heterophoria or Superior Oblique Palsy?

A specialized Questionnaire has been developed by the researchers at Vision Specialists of Michigan to identify those who might be suffering from Vertical Heterophoria or Superior Oblique Palsy. Fill in the Questionnaire and find out if you might benefit from an evaluation at Vision Specialists of Michigan.