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Corrected vision helped patient recover from a stroke

Thanks for giving us this opportunity to let others know our story and hopefully help give someone else some ray of hope in seeing with prisms, after having a Hemmorrhagic Stroke.

I am writing this as my husband has been working toward his continuing goals with my assistance. After 5 different doctors, specialist, Ophthomologists, etc, and 5 years later, 5 pairs of glasses later, we were referred to Dr. Debby by none other than my husband’s hearing Audio Specialist. We thank God for this.

Soon we learned in two visits that our hope for no double vision would and could be corrected. There seem to be few specialists that really know prisms and the problems of double vision, whatever cause. My determination paid off by utilizing every avenue that came to get my husband’s eyes corrected.

The last 2 months he’s walking better on his cane. He is able to help me pay bills, etc., because he has his complete vision from all angles. Thanks to Dr. Debby, our lives are much less complicated. We both continue to know eyes help your balance. Your vision is crucial to accomplish all the recoveries of stroke or whatever you’re achieving. Thanks again.

– J. B., 59 year old