Vision Specialists of Michigan, Maddie's Story

Maddie R’s Story

VSofM can help children with headaches, migraines and learning challenges Imagine headaches – migraines – so debilitating that you can’t make it to school. These migraines last for days. No more than they finally dissipate, they are back again. This was the reality for Maddie, until she found her way to Vision Specialists. Listen to […]

Vision Specialists of Michigan, Erin's Twins Story

Erin F’s Story About Her Twin Girls

VSofM can help children with double vision, nausea, decreased appetite, trouble gaining weight, difficulty focusing on schoolwork. Parents will do anything for the health and wellness of their children. But, what if your child cannot tell you what is wrong? Most children with Image misalignment do not complain about their vision, as it is the […]

Vision Specialists of Michigan, Adam's Story

Adam’s Story

Vision Specialists of Michigan can help alleviate struggles with self confidence, reading, reading comprehension, attention in school and depth perception. Although very smart, Adam constantly struggled with school work. He never could understand his own disconnect from education when he had such a desire to learn. Adam compensated for this mysterious lack of ability that […]

Vision Specialists of Michigan, Wyatt's Story

Wyatt’s Story

Vision Specialists of Michigan can help children with blurred vision, apathy / difficulty with social skills and difficulty learning. Wyatt ran streaking through the waiting room, arms extended in the victory sign, semi-jogging and chanting “I can see! I can see!” His mother was behind him, catching the moment on video. Wyatt’s Mom shared that […]