Book: If The Walls of My Exam Room Could Talk

“STORIES OF TRIUMPH over a common but often unrecognized visual ailment Vertical Heterophoria”

By Debby Feinberg O.D. with Mark Rosner M.D. & Sherry Brantley

Book: If The Walls of My Exam Room Could Talk

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From the Back Cover

Who would have thought that a basic eye alignment problem could cause a person to be miserable or disabled? Yet that is exactly what is happening with Vertical Heterophoria (VH), a visual condition where there is a slight vertical image misalignment which causes headaches, dizziness, anxiety, neck pain and reading difficulties. Using techniques developed by Dr. Debby Feinberg and her colleagues, patients are fit with prism eyeglass lenses that realign the images, resulting (on average) in an 80% reduction of symptoms.

This book contains the stories of those suffering from VH, their difficult journey through life and the medical system, and their recovery and return to health using just a simple pair of properly prescribed prism lenses.

“Who, indeed, could have supposed that a mere ocular defect could have given rise to so serious a train of evils
and who that had not seen it, could believe that the correction by glasses of the eye trouble could have given a relief so speedy and so perfect that the patient described it as a miracle?”

Dr. S. Weir Mitchell, Neurologist and Headache SpecialistPhiladelphia, PA
Headaches and Eye Strain, April 1876

About the Authors

Dr. Debby FeinbergDr. Debby Feinberg is Director of Vision Specialists of Michigan, where she has been performing pioneering work on Vertical Heterophoria since 1995. She and her colleagues have successfully treated over 7000 patients locally, nationally and internationally utilizing realigning prismatic eyeglass lenses. She resides in Commerce Township, Michigan, is the mother of two wonderful boys, and is married to Dr. Mark Rosner.

Dr. Mark RosnerDr. Mark Rosner is Director of Research at Vision Specialists Institute, the research and teaching arm of Vision Specialists of Michigan. He has been the main writer on all of the academic papers and posters. He and Dr. Feinberg and other members of the research team have presented this information at local, national and international conferences. He is a practicing Emergency Physician, and is married to Dr. Debby Feinberg.

Sherry BrantleySherry Brantley is the author of several books including: “Choices—The Power is Within You,” and “Seven Successful Strategies for Divorced Parents.” She is an Inspirational Speaker and a CLC (Certified Life Coach) specializing in Goal-Setting, with a concentrated focus on completing the all-important steps to attaining goals. Sherry’s next project includes ‘Sweet Potato Pie for the Heart,’ a compilation of true, personal stories submitted by people who have had unique, uplifting experiences that have been life-changing for them in some way.