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Baby’s Crossed Eyes: Vision Misalignment Found at 8 Months

A baby’s crossed eyes reveal just how young a vision misalignment can affect the body
Two years ago I became a patient at VSM.  At the age of 61, I was given normal vision for the very first time.  Life changing.  And, at the moment when the special lenses were put in front of my eyes, I declared, “This should never happen to another child.”  A few months after I started to wear my new, aligning lenses, I began to work at VSM as an Education Liaison – sharing information about this vision misalignment condition – so that we could find and help the children with this condition.

As part of my job, I invite professionals to observe our new patient exams so they can see first-hand the impactful difference that our aligning lenses make.  I have observed many patients experience that ‘ah-ha’ moment when the proper lenses that correct for both near/far vision and horizontal/vertical alignment are given to them.

But today was different.
Today the patient was eight months old–the youngest patient to be examined in our office.  This baby had one very crossed eye and hands that were clenched into fists (what was thought to be an entirely separate problem to be dealt with).  As this sweet baby girl sat on her mother’s lap, Dr. MaryJo proceeded with the exam.  Dr. MaryJo invited the Occupational Therapist, who treats this baby and was at the exam, to stand behind her and watch the baby’s eyes respond to the exam.  Able to determine both needed power and prism measurements, Dr. MaryJo held the proper prescription up to the baby’s eyes.
And this is the part of the story that feels like a miracle to me….. This baby visibly calmed.  Her fidgety, restlessness stopped.  A peacefulness overcame this baby.  Everything in the room stopped for a moment as both parents, the Occupational Therapist, the NeuroVisual Specialist and I observed this moment.  But that is not all….. The baby’s tight fists unclenched.
A pair of glasses that align the baby’s vision also relieves the distress of that misalignment–all through the body.
Had I not been there, it would have been hard to believe.  Imagine the joy and relief of these parents.  Their baby received proper vision at such a young age, giving her a bright future.  And, the aligned vision allows the baby to unclench her fists, which avoids unneeded medical intervention.
Thank you to the doctors at VSM, who help people with misaligned vision every day.  Thank you to this Occupational Therapist for having the insight to refer this family to VSM.  And my heartfelt gratitude goes to the parents of this baby for having the courage to try something new to help their child.  This is exactly the reason I work at VSM.