Vision Specialists of Michigan, Patient Stories

80% cured and still improving after suffering for 15-20 years

I suffered for 15-20 years with shoulder, neck and back of the head stiffness and pain. I was uneasy walking and standing. I was afraid of heights and ladders. I was anxious doing just about everything.

After a bout of positional vertigo, my ear doctor referred me to Vision Specialists.

Dr. Feinberg convinced me to try the prism in my lenses. I was skeptical but thought it was worth a try.

The first week was tough attempting to adjust. By the end of the second week, my neck and head were starting to really let go. What a relief! My feet were flat on the floor and my balance was coming back.

Now after six weeks, I feel about 80% cured. I think I will continue to improve.

After adjusting my neck for many years, my chiropractor is amazed by the improvement.

– G.G., 59 y/o